How To Talk To The Other Side

HOW TO TALK TO “THE OTHER SIDE” By Richard Silvestri Ph.D., author of From Misery to Mastery: A Revolutionary New Treatment for Anxiety and Depression, and Harvey Milkman Ph.D., author of Craving for Ecstasy and Natural Highs Our intense political differences of the past several years have had an effect far beyond the poll booths. […]

When anxiety and depression coexist

Can we be both anxious and depressed? The answer is yes When anxiety and depression coexist We are all familiar with the emotional reaction we would experience if confronted by a menacing animal—fear. Now imagine feeling much the same reaction but not knowing what was causing it—this would be anxiety. Now let’s imagine our reaction […]

A Short Course In Saying No

A Short Course In Saying “No” One of the more frustrating parts of raising a child in the first few years is a period often called the “no” stage. This is the time, often between the ages of two and four, when a child is first learning to speak, and he or she discovers that […]

Understanding Traumatic Memory

Understanding Traumatic Memory Perhaps the most debilitating psychological symptoms experienced by those who suffer from PTSD are the incessant recollections they have of their traumas. Sufferers report that they are terrifying, often occur spontaneously and seemingly without any redeeming purposes. Oddly enough then, I was very surprised to discover that traumatic memories served a variety […]

Indecisiveness vs. Vacillation

Indecisiveness vs. Vacillation Jack was an exceptionally bright middle-aged man who had inadvertently fallen in love with a woman he’d met not long ago at an annual conference for civil engineers. Although he’d originally been fairly content with his current wife of 20 years, their relationship had become increasingly distant; they seemed to almost be […]

The Truth About Anxiety Disorders

The Truth About Anxiety Disorders Post author: Dr. Jill Racine There are many stories—some true, others not so true—about phobias, panic attacks, and other anxiety disorders. The Internet is one of the popular media used to disperse these ideas. When you are affected by chronic anxiety, resist the urge to try any and everything. Find […]

Managing Coronavirus Anxiety

Managing Coronavirus Anxiety Post author: Dr. Jill Racine The coronavirus pandemic is a confusing, stressful time for all of us. Everything has changed so quickly.  For many people, the uncertainty of the situation is the hardest thing to handle. Uncertainty makes it easy to catastrophize and focus on worst-case scenarios. So what can you do […]

When Should You Seek Professional Help for Anxiety?

When Should You Seek Professional Help for Anxiety? Post author: Dr. Jill Racine It can be hard to differentiate reasonable worry from an unhealthy level of anxiety. Everyone experiences periods of stress and worry at some point in their lives. For most people, worry is a normal and temporary reaction to a negative or stressful […]

Mastery of Your Anxiety

Mastery of Your Anxiety Post author: Dr. Jill Racine Confronting feared situations is a critical component of treatment for anxiety disorders. Of course, confronting feared situations is only done after clients have learned strategies to manage the discomfort these situations may bring. This involves cognitive behavioral techniques to correct dysfunctional thinking, tools to manage physical […]

Embrace Exposure

Embrace Exposure Post author: Dr. Jill Racine Confronting feared scenarios, which psychologists call exposure, is a cornerstone of the treatment of anxiety. However, for exposure to be effective it has to be done in a systemic way. Clients often tell me that they have already been “exposed to their fears” and that it didn’t help. […]